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Now learn new things while having entertain. Follow your favorite topics and pages and stay up to date. Watch new movies, web series, live TV as well as listen to radio shows and daily horoscopes.

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Personalized Feed

The InStories app gives you the freedom to choose the content you want. You can follow the publisher, topic or location.

Watch Movies and Webseries

New and old movies are available for free on the inStories app. You can select the desired category of movie.

Watch Live TV

You can watch Indian news channels and a few entertainment, sports, agriculture related channels live anytime.

Listen Radio

You can listen to the radio 24 hours a day on the inStories app. You can use different languages ​​to listen to different radio stations.

inStories Features

inStories app is packed with various features. On which updates including local, national and world news is easily available. Detailed news and information on various topics. And with that comes the joy of entertainment with just one click..

Use app even without login

Now without logging in to the app, enjoy the app as a visitor. This allows the app user to easily avail of inStories services in a limited way.

Follow favorite topics

No need to follow every publisher anymore. Follow your favorite topic. And get information and news on favorite topics.

Search various information

Easily find the information or news you need in a variety of ways. Find topics, videos, photos, movies and publishers with just one click

One click entertainment

Full of entertainment now on the inStories app. Watch old and new Movies, Web series, Radio and Live TV in different languages ​​anytime, anywhere for free.

Categorized news topics

From the various categories, keep the categories you want in your navigation and stay up to date on the topics you want.

Like, Comment and Share

Share your feelings with others by liking and commenting on your favorite content, photos and videos. Also, share your favorite content with people close to you.


Frequently Asked Questions for General about inStories Apps and inStories Services

Of course! The In Stories app can be used without you login. You will need to login to like, comment or share content. You will also need to login to follow the location selection topic or publisher on In Stories.

Of course! InStories app you can use multiple languages at once. Different articles, videos or other information may be available in many languages. And you don't need to login to use multiple language options.

Yes absolutely ! Every service available on the InStories app is available for free. Services like watching TV, watching movies, watching web series, listening to the radio, or reading articles are all available for free and will continue to be so.

Yes ! The team administration will try to resolve every complaint received on the In Stories app. Complaints received on the app will be resolved via email. It's easy to complain. There are various options available for you to file a complaint on the article or publisher's page. After the complaint is lodged, the relevant complaint information will be available on the app notification and email in the app.

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